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Far-flung island archipelagos the likes of Maldives, Fiji and Anambas retain their breathtaking beauty in part because of this very fact: the way these islands are geographically remote and not always easy to get to. Clearly, islands of this nature are not comparable to holiday islands like Bali, Aruba or Tenerife.

Untouched. Unhurried. Anambas.
Untouched. Unhurried. Anambas.

Holiday hotspots like Bali and its kin tend to generate huge tourism traffic for the reason that they're quite accessible to the masses, either by their fortuitous physical location or their well-developed infrastructure, features absent in Maldives, Fiji and Anambas.

Untouched Beauty

Of course the flip-side of this lacking is that these more remote paradise islands are never overrun by hordes of tourists. Quite the contrary, such outpost island clusters preserve their untouched beauty, because they draw a different type of travelers, certainly fewer in number and typically more discerning, as well as more appreciative of natural environments in their authentic or original state. Manicured gardens, swimming pools and towering hotels? Not so much.

Where tranquillity reigns
Where tranquillity reigns

Anambas, like Maldives and Fiji, can be regarded as one of these blissfully remote locations, blessed as they are with a unique kind of tranquillity and an abundance of natural treasures. And yes, as is the case for Maldives and Fiji, travelers have to spend a bit more time in order to get to immerse themselves in the idyllic solitude presented by the isolated pearly isles of Anambas.

Fortunately, at a relative stone's throw from Singapore, Anambas offers a couple of quite feasible ways to travel to: ferry and airplane. Mind you, it's probably still a little more challenging than usual to get an itinerary fully sorted.

That being said, we're here to assist. So do let us know of you need ferry or plane tickets.

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