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Diving Anambas

Diving in Anambas, you're likely to come across quite a varied mix of marine wildlife, including plenty of macro. Count on seeing various ray species, grouper, barracudas, moray eels, sharks and numerous reef-dwelling fish. Green and hawksbill turtles are likely to make an appearance, as well as, at times, dolphins.

Friendly turtles abound
Friendly turtles abound

Not a regular per se, but whale sharks have been spotted in the Anambas area, doubtless due to these creatures' migratory habits, given that they tend to travel along the Peninsular Malaysia seaboard yearly.

Some dive go-to spots to include in your Anambas diving expedition are: Igara Wreck, Seven Skies, Pulau Tokong Malang Biru and Pulau Repong to name just a few. But nothing gets the excitement going more than spots that have never been dived before. Given the countless Anambas islands that have yet to be visited, let alone explored, diving where no one has dived before is a real option here.

Explore Anambas with us
Explore Anambas with us

Now, to explore the majestic Anambas seascapes and underwater wildlife you have 2 choices. You can either reserve a slot on a live-aboard dive boat, for instance out of Singapore.

Or, alternatively, you can make your way to one of the local Anambas dive companies, in which case just fill out below form.

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