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Discovering Anambas: A Journey by Ferry, Taxi and Moped
Indonesia is an undeniably breathtaking country with a vast array of fascinating destinations. From bustling cities to lush tropical forests and castaway beaches on off-grid atolls, this up-and-coming Southeast Asian nation is the epitome of diverse landscapes and seascapes.

Now, when it comes to the Anambas, the best way to explore this pristine far-flung archipelago is by using a combination of transport modes, including plane, speedboat and yes, moped.

Planning Your Adventure
To make the most of your holiday in Anambas, it's crucial to book tickets and lodgings a fair amount of time ahead of your departure, at least a few months. Of course, nowadays days most travelers are fine with booking online. So-called virtual bookings don't only save you the stress associated with walk-ins and last-minutes, but more often than not, they also get you a great deal. And they're great at lowering the odds of unexpected and unwanted surprises too.

The busy tourist season in Indonesia lasts from March to October, which is also when the monsoon closes in and the weather becomes wet and less inviting for tourists. Something to keep in mind.

Arrival in Indonesia
Once you're in Indonesia, depending of course on your destination and budget, you can get around by train, bus, taxi, ferry or domestic plane. Let's unpack these a little.

Train: Trains are a comfortable and almost romantic way to travel in Indonesia, offering stunning views of cityscapes, dense jungle, coastal vistas and lots and lots of rugged countryside. That said, booking your train tickets in advance is a must, as the system can get crowded during peak season. Incidentally, carriages and tracks are not always the most modern, some dating back to the Dutch colonial days. Without doubt, this time capsule aspect is part of the appeal of traveling by train. Obviously, there's no train in Anambas.

Bus: Buses are a ubiquitous, convenient and very affordable way to travel within Indonesia, with frequent services connecting cities and towns. Again though, booking your bus tickets online ensures that you'll actually have a seat. There are no buses as such in Anambas, apart from the bus-sized boats that shuttle kids to and from their school on neighbouring islands.

By the way, there are coach services in Indonesia too, usually dedicated to the more distant routes. Note that coaches tend to be a little more costly. Mind you, AFAIC, most coaches in Indonesia offer superb bang for your buck. Think: Aircon, more legroom, reclining seats. Some even have an in-cabin entertainment system, personal USB chargers and a lavatory, typically at the rear of the bus.

Taxi: Taxis, including Grab cabs, are a decent-cost option for traveling within cities and towns, providing efficient door-to-door service. Avoid peak traffic times, however, for obvious reasons. Booking your taxi in advance is pretty much daily fare in Indonesian cities, so no worries there. There are no taxis in Anambas, apart from the public 10-seater speedboat taxis.

Ferry: Ferries are the main means of getting around in Indonesia, given the thousands of islands that make up the land. In fact, the ferry service from Batam and Bintan to Anambas are a lifeline for the islanders. Booking your ferry tickets to Anambas in advance is highly recommended, as there's a perennial shortage of seats on these vessels.

Plane: Planes obviously are the quickest way to get to your destination; those that are served by an aerial route, that is. For some routes, flying is pretty much the only feasible way to go, although Indonesians think nothing of traveling by ferry for several days running to get to their destination. There is a flight to Anambas, but it, too, needs to be booked in advance to have any chance of securing a seat.

Speedboat: The resorts on Anambas use their speedboat to collect their new arrivals from the ferry terminal or airport and to then bring them to the resort location, the so-called last-mile trip.

Moped: Mopeds are a great way to get from A to be on the Anambas islands of Jemaja and Siantan. They're cheap and they have enough oomph to get you up the hillsides, which can be pretty steep at times. Do wear a helmet at all times, though. Better safe than sorry.

Keeping Your Energy Levels Up
When traveling, both in Indonesia and Anambas, it's essential to keep your energy levels up, especially if you'll be on the go for long periods. That's why it's important to bring along a tasty and nutritious snack, so as not to get tempted into succumbing to the sweet or gooey offerings available at roadsides. One wholesome snack that's been going viral in this neck of the woods is Eureka Snacks, a local popcorn that's made with wholesome ingredients. All Eureka Snacks offer quite a bit of fibre and are free of transfats, GMOs and preservatives.

As it happens, with over 20 flavors, including plenty of savoury ones, this gourmet popcorn snack is the perfect way to keep your hunger pangs at bay.

Available both online here and in physical stores here and here, Eureka Snacks are compact, light and easy to pack, making them the perfect munchies for when you're on the move.

Enjoy Indonesia. And enjoy Anambas.

-- Happy Go Lucky --

Note: Over-indulging in savoury/sweet snacks, even snacks that are not very salty/sweet, may lead to excessive intake of sodium/sugar.

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