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As a result of the remoteness of the Anambas islands and their very low human population density, the archipelago's marine environment is still pretty much untouched.

Typically, coral coverage is considerable at virtually all locations, and climate-linked bleeching. In fact, coral gardens here are in a very robust state of health. This can be concluded, not only from the coral reefs' general state of health, but also from the exceptional biodiversity of flora and fauna associated with Anambas' coral gardens.

A veritable coral kaleidoscope
A veritable coral kaleidoscope

With sea water of a clarity without equal in the vicinity, it quickly becomes apparent that Anambas is nothing short of a diving El Dorado.

Best of all, the better diving locations are sheltered from most of the wind and waves that result from the Northeast monsoon. This means that diving around Anambas is as good as year-round, albeit with the best months from April to September/October. Read More...

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Diving was great...

The diving was great. All in all, a really enjoyable weekend. Thanks guys!

Henk Holland
Really cool...
Certified divers...

Everything went fine and we are now certified divers. All the guys at the diving centre were really cool and helped us with our questions. Thank you for arranging this course

Benjamin Sweden
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Continual assistance...

We are extremely grateful. They arranged for a van to ferry us. They offered continual assistance and they also gave us the latest updates.

Ms. Lin Singapore
Really helpful...
Kind and helpful!!!

I would like to let you know that we had a great time diving last weekend, thanks to you and your team fine arrangements.

Yan Yan Malaysia

Islands Explored


Islands Explored

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Reefs Discovered

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Dropoffs Discovered

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Mermaids Discovered :)

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