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Mersing Harbour Centre

Tourists visiting the greater Mersing area have been rejoicing the arrival of the local government's most recent brain-child, Mersing Harbour Centre. And rightly so. The Mersing Harbour Centre complex is a huge step forward for Mersing, both as a town, but also as the epicentre of the countless tourism attractions that this region boasts.

Obviously, the complex, a majestic architectural marvel, will be the new stepping stone for the perennially endless travelers en route to the various bounty islands just off Mersing. 

Tioman, the crown jewel of this chain of isles called the Seri Buat Archipelago, has been benefiting especially greatly from Mersing Harbour Centre, given its efficiency in feeding the ever-ready ferry vessels with the passengers it's processed to this popular hidden island hotspot. 

The previous ferry terminal counters, a relic to the early Tioman days, had for some time been a source of frustration amongst local and overseas visitors alike, due to the travel bottleneck they formed. This has been sorted with the advent of Mersing Harbour Centre. With bells on.

But Mersing Harbour Centre is more than just a ferry jumping board, because it's also the place to go to window shop for your holiday accommodation; there are a number of counters that facilitate hotel and resort bookings for the islands and Mersing itself, of varying budgets, from backpacker to 5-stars. Not sure which resort or hotel to book? Just ask the counter operators for advice, chances are you'll be booking your dream room minutes later.

Incidentally, less you think you have to actually be at Mersing Harbour Centre physically to enjoy its added value, thanks to the internet, you don't have to. All your holiday research can also be done from the convenience of your own home on www.mersingharbourcentre.com

Want to book online? The Mersing Harbour Centre is a true tourism portal and, as such, allows all kinds of virtual bookings. If you prefer to get some answers before you pull the trigger on your booking, then just use any of the interactive forms on the website. A reply from the site's admins typically takes mere minutes.

When the day of your holiday has come, just make your way to Mersing Harbour Centre. Ferry tickets booked online can be collected from counter 21. 

Arrive in Mersing a little too early to your liking? No problem, because Mersing Harbour Centre has plenty of facilities, amenities and other extras to keep you occupied until your ferry departure time. 

What to think of a food and beverage section that will undoubtedly perk up your inner self with delicious "makan" and a variety of hot and cold drinks? And if you want to clear up some queries that arose whilst you were in transit, then just head for the centre's Information Desk just inside the main entrance.

Mersing Harbour Centre has solutions to most holiday-related questions and problems. Are you worried the kids may be bored whilst you wait for your ferry to take you to Tioman? No worries. Because Mersing Harbour Centre has a decent kiddie playground to keep the littl'uns happy.

And if it's the grownups that are bored, or you just want to get some retail therapy in, Mersing Harbour Centre will indulge on this front too. After all, the building is peppered with a good number of shops, kiosks and push carts, offering a plethora of useful items, such as apparel, sunscreen, mineral water, souvenirs, snacks, you name it.

The centre also has a prayer room, a spa, a hair salon and a washroom section with shower cubicles, great for a quick freshen-up.

Clearly, Mersing Harbour Centre has been a considerable boon for the people of Mersing and its outlying areas. It is quite likely that it will continue to have tourists smiling for the foreseeable future. 

Wonder how to get to Mersing Harbour Centre from Singapore or KL? Just take a cab or a bus. Everyone knows Mersing Harbour Centre now, so no worries about getting there.

Bon voyage!


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Book your hotel or resort room online now and save up to 50%!